» Lorenz Wagner's book on the remarkable Markrams is, well, remarkable. This is an extraordinary story of noted neuroscientists seeing the world though the eyes of their ASD son and then helping change the way autism is seen and treated far and wide. A tale of love, constancy and groundbreaking research «

— Ron Suskind,
Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism

» Wagner does an exceptional job of mixing biography with complex yet accessible neuroscience. Essential for parents, educators, physicians, and specialists working with children of all ages «

Library Journal, starred review

» What is so special about this book? It brings together two worlds. Many parents will find themselves in the wonderfully, movingly told family story. At the same time, the book delves deeply into brain research. It is competently researched, based on studies and clearly and visually told, so that everyone can understand the facts. The book is on everyone's lips among our parents. It should be read by many parents «

— Federal Autism Association of Germany


The Boy Who Felt Too Much

Henry Markram, one of the most renowned neuroscientists of the world, became father of an autistic child. This unbelievable coincidence brings together two perspectives: scientific inquiry and the daily confrontation with reality in a family life with an autistic child. Markram’s 15-year research – at universities like Berkeley, Weizman Institute, Max Planck Institute – let us see the condition of autism in a new way.

» Kai loved people, and it was hard not to love him back. He spoke with his hands and glowed from inside. He warmed the hearts of the elderly people more than the sun possibly could. Soon they were sitting  on the benches because of him, the little boy who had just moved to Rehovot «